Fiscal Prudence for a Greater Kingston

A Citizen Group dedicated to promoting economic wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and a better quality of life for everyone in Kingston

How many major capital projects can taxpayers handle? The Kingston City website ‘Projects & Construction’ page has a list of 17. By far the most expensive, most complex, and controversial is the ‘Third Crossing’.

Road Work, Airport Expansion & Land Use, Davis Tannery, Downtown Transfer Point, Highway 15, John Counter Boulevard, Kingston East Community Centre, North Block, North King’s Town, Parks Development, Princess Street Reconstruction 2015/2016, Rideau Heights Regeneration, Shannon Park & Rideau Heights Community Centre, Third Crossing, Urban K&P Trail, Victoria Park, Waterfront Master Plan

The high cost and significant implications of the Third Crossing project has prompted us to question the need.

Faced with the City’s barrage of, we note, taxpayer-funded materials, including a slick video, promoting the Third Crossing, we decided it is time to get organized and ask for answers to the really important questions.

Can we afford this new bridge?
Do we need it?
Is it the best approach to traffic management?
Is it the right thing to do, given commitments to reducing Greenhouses Gases and responding to Climate Change?

We call for a full disclosure of the money already spent and the present and future costs of the Third Crossing.

We need to have an honest debate now!

We want to live in a sustainable community that spends within its means!