What Kingstonians Say

A selection of opinions on the third crossing

It has often been claimed that all residents east of the Cataraqui River want the third crossing. This is far from true. The following expressions from across the city, all publicly quoted, state quite the opposite.

“The proposed crossing will be a bridge of convenience, not one of necessity.” Carl Holmberg, Reeve of the former Pittsburgh Township and deputy mayor of the City of Kingston. KWS – 24/1/16

“J.L. Richards failed to consider the Highway 401 in traffic studies in its earlier environmental assessment report” . . . “We have not really tried to find other, cheaper transportation alternatives” . . . ‘development interests’ are influencing the bridge decision to ensure future suburban growth in Pittsburgh District. . . . . “That’s why I called it the span to sprawl” Rob Hutchison, Kingston City Councillor KWS – 13/1/16

“Building the bridge is going to be one financial nightmare, but what about maintenance and operation costs? Every winter, the bridge is going to have to be salted and sanded. Every spring, the bridge is going to have to be cleaned. Painting will eventually become a yearly routine.” Cliff Ruttan, Kingston Resident. KWS – 28/1/16

“The overall capital expense of a crossing on the Cataraqui River will pale in comparison to the on-going cost of its maintenance. One does not have to look very far for examples of maintenance neglect. Both Montreal’s Champlain Bridge and the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto are prime candidates . . . This amply demonstrates the real cost the taxpayer will be saddled with, forever”. Derek Complin, Kingston Heritage – 18/2/16

“I’m still unconvinced a third crossing is a good idea. . . . My main complaint was, once again, as with the Big Dig and accepting building an $18 million parking garage downtown, we’ve been really loose with taxpayer dollars.” Jim Neill, Kingston City Councillor. KWS – 13/1/16

“The City of Kingston needs are perceived and not actually required. What is the % of the city that would use this bridge, why are high density building permits still being issued for that area, will all the business KEDCO is bringing downtown help pay (just a joke)for this or the developers that are making millions building apartments etc. Take a look downtown the city has been moving out of there for years (Princess St.). If you go to a larger city you can find out what real traffic is like there is no real traffic over this bridge only when the base lets out and that’s only for a little while. You should have been installing water and sewer mains north of the 401 with the construction instead of making Homestead and the others rich what is looking like it will be our dime.” Mark Brissenden City Facebook – 23/6/16

“As someone who grew up in Kingston and has actually lived in other cities, I can tell you, Kingston does not need a third crossing. It’s a giant waste of money, which could be better spent on other infrastructure issues that the city needs to deal with. What Kingstonians call “traffic” is a joke… Come commute with me for a week in Toronto for some perspective as to what traffic really is. What Kingston really needs is a better, more reliable transit system.” Alana Molleson City Facebook – 21/6/16

  • “Alana, I so agree with you , I also lived for 43 years in an over 1 million City. The problem is, Kingston THINKS they are a big City, there are not enough taxpayers living here to pay $120 million plus, for such an elaborate project. The cost is already starting, studying if the bedrock in the riverbed is even hard and strong enough for the tremendous weight of the bridge to hold, all the way to the other side. It could also be too deep, too soft, many reasons it’s not even possible. For just finding out IF possible will cost millions and IF the bridge can be build, there is always overrun cost, it will be a nightmare.” Maria Vandenbeld – City Faceboook – 22/6/16

“. . . just take the 401 it’s not that much further north. Waste of tax payers’ money building a bridge that’s not far from the 401.” David Best – City Facebook – 22/6/16

“No need for a third crossing, the 401 is now a 6 lane highway it can accommodate the traffic, it’s how I get from west end/downtown to east end The only reason people want a 3rd crossing is to save time, and is an extra 15 min of driving worth the added taxes etc I don’t think so.” Chris Brooks – City Facebook – 21/6/16

“First ask each household in Kingston if they have an extra $7000 to help pay their share of the bridge costs… plus the added ongoing maintenance of course…” Kevin Rogers – City Facebook – 19/6/16

Regardless of the source of the funds (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) for the third crossing, it all comes out of the same pocket: the taxpayers.  Gerry Locklin – KWS – 08/08/16

Public asked whether Kingston’s 3rd bridge crossing should be built.
…The mayor added: “Let’s have an informed debate. Let’s make sure everyone understands what those issues are. At the end of the day it will be a council decision sometime next year about what the next steps should be.” Bill Hutchins, Kingston Heritage, 08/09/16