Who is the Third Crossing really for?

Those living in the grey shaded areas of this map are most likely NOT to use a Third Crossing to access their work in Pittsburgh District for the following reasons:

  • Those living along Bath and Princess street will have to travel north to Taylor-Kidd Blvd and John Counter Blvd, across the City and then south on Highway 15. Increasing the distance to and from their employment on the east side of the Cataraqui River. It is felt residents living in Countryside District and working in Pittsburgh District would not enter the urban City as there is a three lane expressway (Hwy 401) available for them to use. They would be able to bypass traffic slow downs and traffic light delays. By 2018  Highway 401 should be completed as a three lane expressway from Highway 38 in the west to Highway 15 in the east.
  • Increased travel distance will result in increased fuel consumption.
  • Increased fuel consumption translates into increased cost to say nothing of more greenhouse gases.
  • Longer distances will increase time in transit
  • Those traveling along Taylor-Kidd Blvd and John Counter Blvd to the east side of the river will likely experience more traffic lights during their commute resulting in impeded travel.
  • Montreal and Division streets are in heavy demand during rush hour. Those wishing to enter the downtown via these streets will be restricted by the fact both streets are only two lanes south of John Counter Blvd. Add traffic from a Third Crossing and the streets can only become significantly slower.
  • Crossing the bridge will be fraught with danger most of the year for those walking, biking or using a powered mobility device across such a bridge from any point in the city. Open exposure to dangerous high winds charging up above the river, heavy rain, blinding snow, freezing rain, are just a few of the serious exposure issues they would face crossing a structure of this length.

The only winners in such a project will be :

  • a few land developers wishing to exploit the very few building lots in Pittsburgh District still available.
  • those wishing to occasionally shop in the west end of the city.

For a significant portion of Kingston residents using a Third Crossing will mean an increase in fuel consumption, increased traffic congestion, increased Greenhouse gas emission, increased travel time, increased wear and tear on their vehicles, and increased overall rush hour congestion on all feeder streets.  Increase of taxes to pay for the construction and millions more for annual maintenance. Few people will brave the elements to walk or bicycle across this open expanse most of the year.

A minority will use it, but all of us will pay!