“The east end development has already happened. Right now all we’re going to see in the east end is more industrial development.” (Mayor Brian Paterson 31 May – CKWS News)

Third Crossing – Kingston Ontario – One has to ask… If no further housing expansion in Kingston East is allowed why do we need a bridge costing $180,000,000 (or more) to create the 276 industrial jobs (maximum) the City report says would be created in the industrial park?

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. View the journey from Gore Road at Highway 15 to Kingston General Hospital for the morning facts.

This video represents a typical Wednesday starting at 6:30 am running until 10:30pm.  To see the traffic flow click on the image and enlarge to fill your screen.

Legend: Green is unrestricted, Orange is moderate congestion, Red is serious congestion

Members of the NO THIRD CROSSING team attended the City of Kingston’s sponsored Open House for the Third Crossing, September 29, 2016 to voice their opposition to the project.