What YOU Can Do

The ultimate decision over the approval process for a Third Crossings rests in the hands of our City Council. The next major vote to continue with the project will occur in the Spring of 2017.

City Council comprises a total of 13 votes.

At this point in time, according to the most recent vote those in favour of proceeding with the project are a slim majority –

http://www.thewhig.com/2016/01/13/third-crossing- design-contract- awarded–narrowly

If you consider a Third Crossing an unnecessary expense to the city that creates more problems than it solves, then your Councillor needs to hear your opinion. Their email addresses are below.

Comment on the City site:

You can post your opinions very publicly on the City Hall website here:


• Once you have signed in, go to the CITY HALL dropdown box, and select Projects & Construction.
• When you reach that page, select Third Crossing.
• From the four menu items, choose Contact.
• Within the Contact and Comments page, select Add Comment
• Add your comment within the box provided, and once complete, select reply.


If you are not registered in the City website, you will not be able to leave a comment. You may register here:


Once you have registered, you should receive a confirmation by email. You will then have access to the page on which you can post your comments by following the steps in the first paragraph

If the City hears nothing but positive comments about the Third Crossing, it will encourage them to believe that everyone wants it.  But for those who oppose the building of a third crossing, now is the time to speak up.

We want to encourage our community residents to make their feelings known before it is too late.


You can contact the Mayor and your Councillor and ask for answers to your questions and make comments about the project.

Bryan Paterson :   mayor@cityofkingston.ca
Gary Oosterhof: District 1: Countryside    goosterhof@cityofkingston.ca
Kevin George : District 2: Loyalist-Cataraqui     kgeorge@cityofkingston.ca
Lisa Osanic : District 3: Collins-Bayridge     losanic@cityofkingston.ca
Laura Turner : District 4: Lakeside     lkturner@cityofkingston.ca
Liz Schell : District 5: Portsmouth   lschell@cityofkingston.ca
Adam Candon : District 6: Trillium     acandon@cityofkingston.ca
Mary Rita Hollan : District 7: Kingscourt-Rideau   mrholland@cityofkingston.ca
Jeff McLaren … District 8: Meadowbrook-Strathcona     jmclaren@cityofkingston.ca
Jim Neill : District 9: Williamsville     jneill@cityofkingston.ca
Peter Stroud : District 10: Sydenham   pstroud@cityofkingston.ca
Rob Hutchison : District 11: King’s Town   rhutchison@cityofkingston.ca
Ryan Boehme : District 12: Pittsburgh   RNBoehme@cityofkingston.ca

City Staff

Gerard Hunt, Chief Administrator : ghunt@cityofkingston.ca
John Bolognone, City Clerk  : jbolognone@cityofkingston.ca

Provincial Government

Sophie Kiwala, MPP – Kingston and the Islands : sophiekiwala.onmpp.ca
Glen R. Murray, Minister of Environment and Climate Change minister.moecc@ontario.ca
Paul Evans, *Deputy Minister : paul.evans@ontario.ca
Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance :  csousa.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Scott Thompson, * Deputy Minister :  Scott.Thompson@ontario.ca
Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure : bob.chiarelli@ontario.ca
Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation : sdelduca.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Federal Government

Mark Gerretsen MP – Kingston and the Islands : mark.gerretson@parl.gc.ca
Hon. William Francis Morneau , Minister of Finance : bill.morneau@canada.ca
Paul Rochon, * Deputy Minister :  paul.rochon@canada.ca
Hon. Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change : ec.ministre-minister.er@canada.ca
Stephen Lucas, * Deputy Minister : stephen.lucas@canada.ca
Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities : Amarjeet.Sohi@parl.gc.ca
Jean-Francois Tremblay, *Deputy Minister :  jean-francois.tremblay@canada.ca
Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport : mintc@tc.gc.ca
Michael Keenan, *Deputy Minister : michael.keenan@tc.gc.ca